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Case Studies

The following case studies show examples of patients’ successful rehabilitation at Peak & Balance Centers of America. If you have questions about our services, contact us at the Chicagoland location nearest you, or request an appointment online.

Spinal Stenosis

Patient: 77-year-old male

Condition: Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal)


  • Peripheral neuropathy – pain and altered sensation in legs
  • Balance deficits
  • Low back and lower extremity pain

Before Treatment: Had to stop and rest after walking ½ block; had hired a service to do household chores


  • Anodyne
  • Balance/stability exercises on various surfaces
  • Stretching and strengthening
  • Endurance and gait training

Duration: 8 weeks

After Treatment: Walking on treadmill up to 30 minutes without a break; able to take care of chores independently (no longer needed the household chores service); able to stand for longer periods of time

Result: Patient gained a greater level of independence. Patient is no longer experiencing pain in legs or feet. Also, has an improved sense of balance.

Migraine-related Dizziness, Vertigo in Left Ear

Vertigo and Vestibulopathy in Left Ear

Patient: 74-year-old male

Condition: Left BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and left vestibulopathy

Deficits: Balance deficits and VOR deficit

Before Treatment: Patient unable to drive and was “wobbly” when getting up in the morning


  • Epley’s maneuver
  • Balance and VOR exercises

Duration: 4 weeks

After Treatment: Patient is asymptomatic. Improved CDP, VORTEQ, and VEMP scores.

Result: Able to drive a long distance without symptoms. Wakes up without symptoms.

Gait Abnormality, Drop Foot

Patient: 80-year-old male

Condition: Gait abnormality, drop foot


  • Drop foot
  • Balance deficits
  • Lower extremity weakness

Before Treatment: Multiple falls at home, right foot drag


  • Fitted for a brace
  • Gait and balance exercises
  • Strengthening / stretching

Duration: 10 weeks / 21 visits

After Treatment: Improved dynamic gait index (DGI) from 14/24 to 21/24 and no longer in the “at-risk” category for falls, increased lower extremity strength

Result: Fitted with drop foot assistive brace, walking without tripping or dragging foot, able to walk further without fatigue

Left-sided Peripheral Vestibular Deficit

Patient: 16-year-old female

Condition: Left-sided peripheral vestibular deficit

Deficits: Dealing with dizziness for about 1 year

Before Treatment: VOR was abnormal. Difficulty reading and concentrating; had a hard time with school work. Crowds were difficult to deal with. Patient had a hard time concentrating when driving. Patient had decreased balance and showed a visual preference. Was not able to participate in sports.

Treatment: Vestibular rehab focusing on VOR re-education and balance exercises

Duration: 7 weeks

After Treatment: VOR stabilized. Balance was evaluated as normal.

Result: Patient is no longer dizzy and has returned to sports. She is doing well in school and got her driver’s license.

25 Years of Dizziness

Patient: 47-year-old male

Condition: 25 years of dizziness

Deficits: With episodes of dizziness, patient reports difficulty walking, bending forward (washing his face) and performing quick head movement

Before: VOR was abnormal. Did not participate in sports. Had to rest in bed when having an episode.

Treatment: Vestibular rehab focusing on VOR re-education and balance exercises

Duration: 9 weeks

After Treatment: VOR stabilized. Balance was evaluated as normal.

Result: At discharge patient was 98% symptom free. Patient had difficulty with quick turns.

Approximately one year later: Patient reports having no limitations. He is playing sports with his teenage son and living life.

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