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Physical Therapy

Since our founding in 1985, Peak & Balance Centers of America has successfully treated patients throughout the Chicago area for conditions ranging from sports injuries and orthopedic disorders, to hearing dysfunctions and dizziness and balance disorders. We have also helped professional athletes, astronauts, armed forces pilots, and divers overcome dizziness and balance disorders with our highly specialized testing and treatment.

Our Plan of Care

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment and treatment methodologies, our therapists are able to develop a personalized physical therapy program called a “Plan of Care.” These programs typically last between 6-12 weeks.

Throughout the treatment program, we monitor and document the patient’s condition, treatment, and progress. As a result, many of our patients have been successfully treated and have returned to their normal lives. For some real-life examples of physical therapy success, check out our case studies.

If you need physical therapy services, trust our experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists. Call Peak & Balance Centers at one of our four Chicagoland locations, or request an appointment online.

Peak & Balance Centers of America