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Sports Injuries

For more than 30 years, Peak & Balance has provided a full range of physical therapy services in the Chicago area while specializing in sports injuries. Among the professional, collegiate, and intramural sports teams we have served are the Chicago Wolves and Chicago Jets professional hockey, Northwestern University men’s hockey, and DePaul University men’s hockey, among others.

The Peak & Balance Difference

Post-injury rehabilitation along with close communication with team physicians, coaches, and trainers, enable the amateur and professional athlete to safely and quickly return to athletic activities. Athletic enhancement screenings identify potential performance-limiting problems that can be corrected with individually designed athletic programs to help athletes reach their full potential.

Manual Therapy

By definition, “manual” refers to the hands, especially work done by the hands. Manual therapy is the use of hands-on techniques to evaluate, treat, and improve the status of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

The hands of a physical therapist are a powerful assessment and treatment tool. Manual therapies are time consuming when compared to the simple task of having an athlete work out on a therapeutic machine. However, manual therapies are recognized as important techniques in recovery including:

  • Controlling pain
  • Restoring normal range of motion
  • Treating specialized conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome 

Sports Injuries

Our centers offer comprehensive sports physical therapy for the full spectrum of sports injuries, including:

Visit our patient education library to learn more about successful treatments for sports-related injuries.

For comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation in the Chicago area, call Peak & Balance Centers at one of our four locations or request an appointment online.

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